Hi, this is a tricky bit from metallicas -nothing else matters


regarding the first part how is the thinnest string meant to be picked?

1) like open string pick, hammer on to fret 5, pick pulloff to open string
This involves picking the same string twice

2) a mate of mine told me its
open string pick, hammer on to fret 5, pulloff to open string
This involves only one picking of that string

If option 2 is correct? how is this done on the other strings as it is difficult to get much pulloff volume when the string is not the outermost as my pulloff finger hits other strings if i try to pulloff too much sideways..

hope this makes sense :S

don't understand what you're saying, but...
1. pick open e hammer on 5 pull off (only 1 pick)
2. pick 7 on the b string, pull off to open (1 pick)
3. pick open b string, hammer on 5 (1 pick)

...and tabs look much better coded in here:


...and one last thing. this thread should be in the tab talk forum
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ummm..GO practice the first lick from the four horsemen last solo:P ...then this will be easy to u i guess
thanks for the help guys
my apologies for posting in the wrong forum, and not using the code thingy
Yep, option 2 is right.
If your fingers arent strong enough (if you havent been playing long) or your using an acoustic and you can't hear it clearly, you may want to pick it twice temporarily so it sounds better.
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