You should do sound levels to your drummer, rather than to your amp.

I'll also tell you from experience that 100 watts of tube is ****ING LOUD! You'll never get a gig of you play that loud all the time.
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At least 100. The bassist from the band Scary Kids Scaring Kids uses a Peavey Triple XXX as a bass head and runs it through an Ampeg 8x10.
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300+ watts would be optimal. I mean VOLUME wise as little 30 but clean headroom wise 300+...assuming hes using like a 4x10 or an 8x10 cab...
depends on the cabinet and head, not just either or. The head has to be able to push the speakers. Say you have a 300-450 watt head, an 18" sub is gonna have more sound than a 15".

The bassist in my band can be heard with 250 watts and a 115 cab. and i have a mesa F100
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