i own a epiphone les paul custom 2000 model... and there i noticed this buzzin on my guitar and i asked my bros friend who is a really good guitar tech and he told me that the neck can't be fixed and that i probably won't be able to use this guitar soon... so i was wonderin if its possible to replace a epiphone les paul neck
if im not mistaken, epiphone les paul necks are set necks, and those cost a b*tch to replace....id recommend getting a new guitar all together...
Sorry to say you can't, it's glued.

I imagine it is possible to replace an LP neck, but i wouldn't wanna be the one to try it.
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damnit... is there a way i can show u guys if the neck is really damaged to the point where it can't be fixed?? cause i want more opinions before really decidin... like i can take a picture with my digicam or a video of my guitar........ or play somethin

there r other places on the fret but these r the real strong buzzes like evn the slightest pick will make them buzz
Set Neck its possible but you run the risk of not breaking it clear and leaving remains left in the pocket. otherwise you just gotta soften the glue around the pocket. and under your neck heel at the bottom of the pocket which is the hardest to do. otherwise you can fix it if the buzz is up high on the fretboard which is usually a result of low action
are you sure that it isnt just regular fret buzz? raise your action like really high and if it still buzzes it's a problem in the neck.
meh.. its a bitch if your set neck breaks.

if it was a gibson lp custom id get a new neck but for an epiphone i dont think its worth it.
its not regular fret buzz cause if my friend said the neck is twisted...
put on a set of heaver strings. swap one string at a time.

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unless you can show us a pic of your neck i call BS on your friend.
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