this is definitly one of the best peices of art i have ever made. and after SERIOUS anylzing only the person this is about could understand this.

confused by this
you make me think,
no matter the hour,
these thoughts are with me.
hiding from the answer i seek
inside i've know the truth
all the time.

due to due date
im 2,000 away.
causing this be unlikley.
Killing all hope.
Evicting all hope.
When the power of love conquers the love of power, the world will know peice- hendrix
Nicely Written ... Would it happen to be about a Long-distance relationship?
The Darkness is Coming ... For some there will be no more, but for the others ..... PARTY!!!!
he met some girl in Croatia and he felt in love, but she ****ed him off and now he is writing songs