ok so today ive been listening to alot of screeching weasel and alot of leftover crack and choking victim...here is my problem i wanna write something and i have all of these ideas and stuff in my head but when it comes to writing them down and forming the song and the music i hit the problem of the two different styles clashing and not making any sense...with music wise ive got the almost ramones style screeching weasel really poppish power chord straight forward and basic song...which is how i usually write but everything ive been writing lately has been and upbeat song and happy stupid song, but lately my head has been filled with me being pissed off and stressed out and hating most things in this stupid town i live in. so my head lyrically is more in line with the leftover crack and choking victim stuff. Ive gotten so used to writing the screeching weasel sounding stuff that anytime i try to write music alittle harder and darker sounding i cant...and i try and try for hours and it always comes off as cheesy pop punk....so one could anyone give me some chord progressions that are kinda dark and angry sounding and two my second problem is like i think i said...ive got all of this stuff in my head that i wanna say and dont know how to get them out and into a song its like i knowwhat im pissed about and everything but when i try to put it all together into lyrics for a song i just cant get them to come out and it doesnt help that i dont have the right progressions to go with it. so if anyone could help my out on the music point or the lyric point, give me some pointers on how to start a song that would maybe help me flow alittle or give me the right progressions for a heavier darker song it would be greatly appreciated!
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sorry to make anyone read all of this
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ok, now this is comming from someone who has absolutley no musical background with the exception of a year and a bit of guitar reading off tabs because i dont know sweet FA about music theory. i listen to a lot of grunge rock (alice in chains, STP, The Melvins, mother love bone etc.) and these bands have a few really powerful "angry" songs (them bones, junkhead or angry chair by AIC or revolve by the melvins) so maybe try a few songs by those bands for ideas. i understand thats way outta your genre but u can always just tax chord progressions and alter them for your own purposes.

also u said u were worried that your influences in music clash.... i wouldnt worry about it, if u can mayb try and blend em togeather and make something that sounds new rather than just a re-heated punk chord progression. i dont know who half those bands were so im not a hundred percent sure wat problems you'd have....

just a thought.