I understand how the major and pentatonic scale work in conjunction with the notes and everything and I know where the root knows are. My question is when your playing in key should you keep the root notes as like a base and continuously play them around the fretboard or should you play all the notes the same amount of time. Must you use all the notes to play in key??

Also could anyone point me to a website that just has scale diagrams for reference. Im sick of looking throught all these books.
You can do whatever sounds good to you. You don't have to play all the notes in a scale to be in key. Try making up a 3 or 4 note solo, it can still sound good...as for the root question, no, you don't have to move around the whole fretboard. You should use those as a base to go off though, because they are your root note. That doesn't mean you neccesarily have to include that root note 50 times in your solo.
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I was wondering if anyone knew a site that had all the scales and maybe just in C major or some other key with the root notes. Jscale is cool but I would prefer it all to be on one page so I could print in out.
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Dude..that scale calculator is so awesome..thanks for that haha
Not necessarily but just aslong as you use the root note to a extent....people should know.