Its all very well having an oriental scale (b2 and b7 and all that) but when trying to create a piece of music in this style is much harder, especially if you're not just noodling over one chord as most guitarists do on an odd scale.

This is my attempt (click on ripples)

It didnt end up sounding too oriental, despite using fouths and fifths a lot. I was thinking maybe a lot of it is the instruments involved, (i can only play on a xylophone.guitar.drum set up as thats all i own.)

Let me know what you think and if there's any similar style bands/songs/chord progressions/melodies that you know of to help me.

Thanks a lot. x
As I'm playing Play for the third time in a row - I actually really like it, despite the fact it doesn't really *go* anywhere.

It sounds it like came straight from an advert for Pot Noodle or something... it's not really oriental enough to call oriental.

José González has very similar stuff, except his is more guitar orientated - your piece screams 'José González!'... but I enjoyed it.

I think you'd get more feedback in R&R, though.
yeah oriental music uses some very interesting music, also for oriental stuff you may want to try some different tunings, because there are a lot of frequencies that are in between the ones used in western music that are used in oriental music, if that makes sense.
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As with any style of music, it's as much how you play the notes as what scale you play. There is a great CD by Yo Yo Ma called Silk Road Journeys that was a big influence when I created the Jam Tracks Exotica disc.
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its a damn good tune, even if it doesnt really sound oriental...

and by oriental do you mean something like chinese sounding? or something else

i think the pentatonic scale can be used to create quite a chinesey sound

as someone mentioned eastern music is also made using different tuning systems to ours using different intervals so maybe you could look up that