I know I know, "get out n00b you r not teh tr00 metalz lolz!" But anyway,
has anyone heard triviums new song? detonation, i believe this is an undeniably metal song rather than metalcore. granted their last albums had some metalcore influences, (though imo, they sound drastically different to the most of metalcore bands) but this new album seems to be going in more straight up thrash sound.


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The new album or song may or may not be metal, but the majority of Trivium's music is still metalcore, so they are still discussed there until that changes.

And I believe they also have an ONLY thread there?
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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^ Indeed.

It is wiser and more safe to post in the hardcore forum before jumping the gun and posting them here.

I dont mind them, but most people here do. Im going to check out their new single right now anyway.
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well the point was to discuss their new song, which seems undoubtedly metal. so i thought an exception could be made, feel free to move it if i haven't pleased the gods of the metal forum.

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I checked the song out and I liked the first minute or so of it, but then it got boring. And yes, it is definately more metal now than metalcore, but one metal song does not make a band metal, thus they are not to be discussed within the metal forum.
haha I actually listened to that new song just then. Metal?!?! Please, it sounded as if it was some unreleased Metallica song off one of the Loads, with an absolutely terrible Dimebag worship solo. I was actually expecting Trivium to go up in my estimations with some nice thrashy song, what a fool I was, it was even worse than their metalcore era.

Just puts more weight to my feeling that Trivium are trend hoppers.

"Metalcore is pretty popular, lets play that!"
"Metallica are coming out with a new album soon, lets play exactly like they do!"