When I (Bassist) go over to my mates (Drummer) Place to 'jam' we get some pretty cool sounding beats. With a guitar we could get some nice songs outa them. The problem is we can never remember them.

Is it worth sitting down and writing the music out as we go. Any ideas?
if you can't remember them, they can't be all that great, can they?
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the easiest way would probly be scribble down the bass tab with a bit of indication of timeing some how, when you come to play it again they will probly remember the drums for it
just because you feel it dosnt mean its there
Get a 4 track recorder (doesn't have to be fancy) or even a video camera. A little more expensive than writing an idea down, but sometime in the 'heat of creativity,' the last thing you want to do is pause to write something down.