ok so i finally got some money togather to spend on theory books or a dvd or vhs or soemthing i just need some suggestions on some good theory books or dvds or vhs' or anything. thanks. oh and one last question, is there a diference in learning theory for guitar and for learning theory for bass???
Theory is the same on every instrument. Music theory is universal. Its usage will be different, but a book really can't teach you that, that's something you have to divulge from your playing & learning.

I dont think theory books help unless you get lessons or atleast have a friend who's ultra superior to you and can answer any questions you may run into. Becuase books, if you dont get it the way they say it, you aint gonna get it by trying to figure it out without someone's help. Lessons are a beautiful thing.
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Theory is the same for all instruments. They are applied differently though.

And take some lessons or classes. There are some written lessons on UG that could help. Visit Musician's Talk as well if you have any questions. That's the place for theory questions
Ya, Bass Grimoire has pretty much all that you can want.
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If you really want a good book that not only explains theory (in otehr words, scale diagrams) but other such beauties too, get 'Bass Guitar for Dummies'. 'Nuff said.
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theres a good chance that your school will offer you a course in music theory. if not, if you have a bass instructor, he should deffinately know his theory, or he shouldnt be teaching you.
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I use a trumbone theroy textbook I got from school. Save clef same idea. I also have a teacher...He helps heaaaaps