I'm stuck in two minds on wether to

A) Add this weeks £10 paper round pay to last weeks (On Saturday when i get it) and buy a £15 Distortion pedal that looks good which I'll test at the shop


B) Buy a Morley Wah Wah pedal second hand for £60 if i save all of this months pay money + pocket money then add it to my £10 I have atm.

I'm not sure what model Wah Wah pedal it is, but it looks like this one (Don't think it is though)

The Distortion pedal is by RockTech or something, but I wanna test it if I do wanna buy it. As for the Wah Wah I have a Vox style Wah Wah on my Korg AX10G but the Morley sounds good (I've tried it).

What do you all think?
go for the morley. in terms of pedals, you do basically get what you pay for. and morley wahs are great. will definitely help you more than a cheapo distortion.
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If you're going to get distortion, go at least 40-50 dollars, which I believe is about 25 pounds?
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