has anyone tried this fret fu dvd i have heard good things about it but is it really any good, i am self taught and have been playin 6 months but i would like a quick way to learn the scales and have greater ease with navigating on the fretboard so is this the right thing for me?
is there no one here who has used it or knows someone who has used it or has any opinions on?

Just launched a campaign for it and I need reviews so I'm practically giving it away to guinea pigs. Wanna be one? Thanks for mentioning it. I've been working on this for almost 10 years and I was waiting to get it to a certain point before releasing it. It's still a little rough, but with some feedback, I'll be able to bring a lot to the table. I pledge to give it my all and help every player out there see the scales in a different light.
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