theyre sweet but i dont like all of the designs......(the paint jobs)
ooooooooh ah ah ah ah
and for me too much overboard paintwise and designwise a regular start shape would of done it for me just like the ESP RS350
I'd love to have one, but as mentioned before, the paint jobs are horrible.

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I'd love to have one, but as mentioned before, the paint jobs are horrible.


gotta love the dean from hell one

some of the razorback ones are a bit over the top though.
Some of them are horrible, and the rest are overpriced. Just get a regular ML '79.
IMO they suck, massively overpriced for such average guitars. Even the American Razorbacks play badly. The extent to which Dean Zelinsky has pissed all over Dimes name immensely frustrates me.
the Dean From Hell still destroys any ML that dean puts out, i want one so bad
Go get your shovel.
Not really, i'd rather have an American ML than an American DFH. You're paying for the name and paintjob on the damned thing and getting moderate quality hardware,etc. The Bill Lawrence is of the crappy variety as well, it's USA rather than Bill and Becky.
i have played pretty much every dime. (USA razorback prototype, DFH, FBD tribute, and the dime o flague) and everyone wasnt worth what they were asking. the razorback, asking for 5 grand, wasnt worth 600 bucks. all the guitars (except the dime o flague) wasnt worth more than 500 dollars. trems suck, lousy paintjobs, the neck pup was terrible, neck was too small (would be awesome if it was a but bigger, that V shape helps alot) and they all sounded pretty crappy whrough a mesa triple rectifier.

MAB played the razorback through an amp (i played it unplugged) and that thing gave batio a worse tone than he has. he kept messing up on it, it was a joke.

my point is, if you want a dime sig, go with washburn. real pups, real trem, better looks, better guitar overall. bad thing is how hard they are to come by.
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