I've had a fender hot rod deluxe amp now for about 8 months and I play it regularly at fairly loud, but moderate volumes. I use it only for hobby and it's never seen travel, stage use, or anything.

I was playing it the other day and it started making the loudest, most high pitched screach I have ever heard in my entire life. I immediately shut it to standby and tried turning it on again. It did the same thing and I noticed the "channel select" light had turned on while it was making the noise from hell. I checked to make sure everything was plugged it and everything was.

Has anyone ever had this screech from hell problem? I'm not sure if the tubes are gone, but I only play my amp for hobby and never abuse it. I can't imagine in 8 months they'd be ready for replacement already. If anyone can provide some help, I'd be really greatful! thanks!
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does it only make that noise when channel select is on? in that case, your second channels volume might be blasted, in which case when it is turned on is screeches like hell.

it happened to me once in guitar center...opps. I was using a peavey polomino and when I switched the channel I didn't notice the volume for the drive was blasted. The thing just started screeching. I was glad I didn't ruin anything
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I had the same thing happen to my Deluxe several times...here's what happened in my case...

1. Preamp tube 1 was switched to a 12AT7 and altered the gain stage when the "more drive" channel was selected, producing very high-pitched microphonic feedback. If you get the noise without the guitar plugged in, it could be this.

2. The output transformer busted but was still "working", but the amp produced a high pitch squeal no matter what channel was selected. The transformer finally blew and blew out all of the filter caps in the amp.

3. The resonance of the cab is vibrating the spring reverb and producing feedback.

4. The spring reverb tank has become microphonic and is looping the signal at the last gain stage, which is only active in drive mode.

Take the amp to a tech and have him check it out.
Everything in my amp is still factory, I haven't changed anything yet. When I play through it, it's fine for a little while, then it starts "popping" and the screech from hell comes...when the screech comes, it turns ON my drive channel light. I don't touch a thing, it does it itself. I checked my tubes this morning and they all look new to me.

The closest amp tech to me is probably fifty miles away...I hate to drive so damn far if it's something minor, but it seems like I have no choice. I don't know what the hell i'm doing!