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Damn Straight
1 17%
Yeah...its ok
1 17%
3 50%
It needs a little work
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Burn this song....immediatly
1 17%
Voters: 6.
Everything I want to do
Everything I want to see
The trials and tribulations
And everything in between
I feel the bars come down
Just like a prison cell
A cell I cant get rid of
A cell I cant even see

I dont know what to do
I dont know what to do
I dont know what to do (X2)
-I'm bound by life itself, again.....

The shackles and the chains
The torment and the pain
Is there any happiness?
Still it feels the same
Why can't they just let go?
Is that too much to ask?
I need to get away
From the past I can't escape

Repeat Chorus


Everything just feels so heavy
The chains just wont let loose
Will I ever break out?
Will I ever be free......?

Guitar Interlude

Repeat Chorus

Yeah I'm bound by life itself, again...........
I like it except for the chorus. For some reason it sounds like something Linkin Park would write. Nice work though.

Crit one of mine?
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