These are not lyrics, just poems that I have written:


Perfect Darkness: Part One

I face my bearer of sorrow
Sat beside my unlit light
Waiting for my absent tomorrow
And for my final spark of hope to ignite

Staring blankly into darkness
Until the gleam of moonlight catches my eye
Reminded of my empty arms, without my mistress
I howl out into the night just as the wolves cry

Left without lips to long for
No eyes to ease my pain
Nothing left to make my heart flutter forevermore
Only the darkness to drive me insane

Again and again I tell of what I have lost
But nothing can explain my grief
Now It seems my life will be the cost
As the blood trickles down my arm, providing relief

I turn away from the moon
And gaze back into the hollowness of this room
I hope for my end to come soon
As I can then finally rest in my tomb

Searching for the alleviating blade
The one thing that will make me at ease
Singing my final serenade
While the touch of the blade makes me freeze

A thousand memories passing through my head
A thousand memories of you
Wanting me to make my blood shed
Wanting me to give up after all I?ve been through

I see a hazy figure through the darkness
Then realize in my doorway is the cold touch of death
I cry final tears of happiness
And alas! I breathe my final painful breath


Perfect Darkness: Part Two

Sat upon a life made up of nothing but shame
The shadows surround my breaking mind
Longing for the sweet sting of your fang
But true love was the only thing I could not find

As the chills run through my aching heart
I cannot bear the sorrow
My soul split, torn completely apart
I am not certain that there will be a tomorrow

I am my very own worst enemy
Striving for my own perfect darkness
Known for all the wrong reasons, living in infamy
Never able to find love, never able to find happiness

Singing my own sweet lullaby
Falling into an eternal slumber
Breathing one final, deep sigh
Swaying to the calm sounds of the booming thunder

Awoken by the sound of your voice
Before realizing my insanity
Tortured by the consequences of my choice
But finally away from your vanity

With the clock ticking like bomb within my mind
I glare deep within the shadows
Haunted by the ghosts of mankind
With sharp pains penetrating every one of my hollows

I crawl towards the CD player
The one way to drown out all of the screams
The beautiful sounds, the agony slayer
Striking my ears in great pulsating beams

I let out a blood curdling shriek
Not able to stand the pain any more
In remembrance of all those who called me a ?freak?
And in remembrance of the souls of whom we cry for

My flesh weeps for the seraphic touch of metal
My soul cries for enlightenment
My senses make several attempts to settle
But there is no end to this torment

The world just seems to crumble around me
Leaving nothing but a poor shattered spirit
I shout unto the black sea
Praying that someone might hear it

I attempt a forced smile
To try and force out an ounce of cheer
But it is not worth the use of guile
As it is truly the feeling of happiness that I fear

Wishing to be released by life?s grasp
Without my demands being met
In anguish caused by my insanity?s clasp
Feeling that I am simply my own pet

Finally I am greeted by a spark of hope
The site of the scythe
No longer any need to cope
As my death is no longer prolonged by a sheath

I approach the robed figure with joy
Finally I felt no reason to cry
Banished are the feelings of everything I wanted to destroy
And I am able to turn back unto the black sea and shout:

Wow those are awesome. I honestly have no criticism on them. The last verse of Part 2 was awesome. Great work.

Crit one of mine?
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Seinfeld: The Video Game

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Done, I just posted on Asylum (Revisited), and thank you very much for your comments on my poetry.