Okay, so here's the deal, i'm in a band, and this upcoming May our school has "respect arts day" where bands basically take over the auditorium and gym ALL DAY, with each group playing a brief set. I want to be there.

Now here's the problem, I'll either be playing an enormous gym, or the school's 3500 seat auditorium (I have a big school) and I know my AD30VT won't fill that hall with noise, and it'll sound terrible mic'd because in my experience 10'' speakers don't mic well in live situations....... so I was wonderring what I should get......

I was looking into a b-52 stealth series(60 watt tube), Peavy XXX(60 watt tube), fender performer(100 watt solid state/with tube preamp), or a Crate v50(50 watts tube, but with built in effects).

Now I'm leaning towards the crate because it has features similar to my Vox, and it has a line in/out so i can plug my headphones and iPod in and play along with recorded versions......

my price range is up to $500, and whatever I get I will sell my vox and squire telecaster for, so I need your help deciding where the money will go...... I probably wont be getting this stuff till december or so (my birthday and christmas are in december, so this'll be a present for both.... and I'll be contributing about $200 to it....)

Oh yeah, and I play stuff like Rush, RHCP and the Who, so I need that kind of sound, and I'll be playing a squire Stratocaster which has beeen refinished with a VERY thin layer of primer and an equally thin layer of clear coat(I found that it was alder rather than agathis, and decided freeing it of the 8 pounds of finish it had would be best, also keep in mind that this is being refitted with fender 57/62 pickups, wired for hum cancelling in positions 2/4, it already sounds startlingly good, and this will just make it better)
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go for the crate

oh yea be patient ^
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Hmm since you like the Who and RHCP, mabye a used Marshall dsl401 combo.
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you can get a B-52 50 watt tube amp for $500?? every B-52 product I've ever heard was fantastic.
I play mainly the same stuff you do (The Who, RHCP, Pink Floyd, along with self written stufff in a similiar style) and I have a Fender DeVille 410 and it is beautiful It's about double the wattage of your current amp and seriously loud for a 60 watt on top of that. My school's smaller but, there's a theatre/concert hall in my town with the worlds crappiest acoustics that I'm guessing is about the size of your gym and it can handle that easy. Play one if you don't believe me, I'm not really a Fender man but, the first time I tried this amp it took me 5 seconds to go from I guess I'll tried it to I'll take right now I don't care about the price. not that I said that I managed to talk the guy down about $100.
I play and listen to a lot of RHCP as well. I would recommend a tube amp, maybe a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Its 600 new, but i got mine used for about 400.
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