right, heres the thing, i need 4 songs which are 1 guitar/vox, one bass and drummer, i want interesting and good sounding riffs (doesn't have to be difficult as long as it sounds good). This is for playing at a friends family reunion thing, so the songs need to be appealing to all ages. It would really help me if you guys could actually name a setlist for me as i normally create setlists and stuff for our covers and our band is normall 2 guitar, 1 bass, a singer and a drummer, but problems mean its just me, the second guitarist (bassist), and a drummer.

anyway, thanks for any help
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we think we have a setlist sorted:

My Generation
summertime blues
Layla (a shorter arrangement, 2 guitars no bass)
Johnny B Goode

I would stick Layla last and make it a big jam (I do love jams) instead of Johnny B. Goode, but it seems fine
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i just thought Johnny B Goode last because i can really smash that song, and it's really energetic, whereas if we did a layla jam, im not usre everyone would appreciate it (only about a fifth of the audience is musically orientated/talented)
wild thing always goes down a treat, and its so asy, you can do whatever teh **** yoiu want during it