It's not a tube amp. It's a hybrid amp. It has one tube inbetween the digital preamp, and the solid-state power amp. It's still a very nice amp though, from what I've heard around here.
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i've heard a 30 watt and to me it sounded rubish. I think its a preference though with vox amps. Don't expect to get any really hard metal tones out of it, if thats what ur after.
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its not a tube amp, just a tube sounding one. i have a smaller 30 watt version. its really nice, i love it. it has all different amp models and effects on it. great toy. i recomend it.
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The cheapest all valve amp i've seen in the uk is the peavey valve king, never tried it though so i don't know what it sounds like. Also check out the marshall dsl's and tsl's.

edit: and laney makes some good valve amps.
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it sounds like ss

DSLs are good, ive heard TSLs sound like cardboard.