Right, I really need to know this, is NOT anchoring your pinky, 3rd finger, ect against the scratchboard with your hand free benificial?
I used to always anchor and Ive started not to, exept on fast solos and such.

So if I started to not anchor COMPLETLY, would it become easier to play even fast solos, for example the Master Of Puppets speed solo if I kept practising not doing it?

Help greatly appreciated.

Oh and I know lol many of you dont find that solo "fast"
If you wanna know about anchoring, search it..there's about 100 threads on it, all of which are about 20pages long or something.

And speed is a by-product of accuracy, not technique, although good technique helps.
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Some players recognized as great anchor, like Petrucci (at least he does on his Rock Discipline dvd). Others do not, like Shawn Lane. It's up to you, but the topic has been discussed in GREAT detail many times here at U-G.