How do you get that synth-type sound out of a guitar like The Strokes do in "12:51" and "The End Has No End"? I've tried turning the tone down on my guitar with distortion on, and that doesn't quite do it. I heard Nick uses a guitar synth, but which one? Any help is appreciated.
boss octave pedal or an ebow?
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Definitely not a synth pedal.

All it is is this: Jekyll & Hyde pedal, Fender Amp Distortion, Neck pickup (preferrably single coil), Tone on guitar all the way to 0.
Fuzz pedals can get you a pseudo-synth sound. I use a Boss OD-20 and it has a Fuzz Face setting on there, and I just dime the gain and the heavy octave knobs and turn the tone to zero.
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FOR SURE he does not use anything else but these:

Jekyll and Hyde Ultimate Overdrive
MXR Micro AMP X 2
Vox Cooltron Bulldog Distortion
Boss TU2 Tuner

there was a gig they did in London, and they zoomed up on his pedalboard for a good 3-4 seconds

I have a Riviera but i dont have that exact setup...and I cant get that tone from my Deville, but I can only get it when Im using my friend's Marshall amp.

You may need more overdrive, sir.
They got the sound for 12:51 by just turning the neck pickup (Single Coil) tone to 0 on the guitar as wasp2020 said
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