I'm not sure if this thread has been done before because I'm kinda new
here ( it probably has since megadeth is one of the greatest bands to
ever exsist ). What megadeth song do you consider to be the heaviest
and/or hardest to play? And, I was wondering if anyone knew why they
keep there guitars usually in standard tuning and never (at least to my
knowledge ) use any drop tunings. Slayer is sorta like that as well- their
guitars are low but not dropped.

From the songs I've heard----Blackmail The Universe is
probably the heaviest, whlie Hanger 18 is probably
the hardest to play.
holy wars!
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My favourite to play would be Tornado of Souls or Poison Was The Cure, both from Rust In Peace. As far as I know they usually play in standard tuning except for the song Peace Sells which is something like 1/4 step down i think :S
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I know slayer plays in flat, they also play 1 whole step and a half down from
standard. But what I meant to say was that they dont drop the lower string
to any drop tunings.
they play in standard all the time, or at least the guitars do, because dave mustaine doesn't believe he has to tune down or do weird tunings to write heavy stuff, which is proven quite well by megadeth songs. why should you have to tune down to play metal? a good amount of the best metal songs ever were done in standard, i think that tuning down is just a loophole which bypasses the need for talent. it's acceptable if you change tuning to suit a certain key you think goes well with a song, i mean drop d makes sense to me in such a way that it gives you 2 full octaves for the key of d (i know thats not the correct way of putting it but i can't be arsed). "rant over".

oh n i sometimes like the feel of playing 1/2 step down (i'm really not supporting my argument am i? lol)
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A Tout le Monde is played in Eb for sure, but I'm pretty sure they don't go lower than that on any other songs.
I don't really see how downtuning decreases the need for talent. Maybe songwriting talent, because you have to write better to have heavy sounding songs, but even then not that much.

And Eb is easier on the fingers, and is easier to sing to.