I wrote this a while back tell me what you think


Sitting in my room just thinking about you
Wondering how it would be
If you were right here with me
Looking up at the ceiling
Just zoned out so nothing can ruin my day
Trying to find the right words to tell you
To tell you how much i love you

I'm just gazing into nothing
Wondering how it would be
If i never met you
Would i be sad
Would I be the same!!
Or was meeting you part of destiny

Going through my closet of memories and
I can't find 1 bad time we've had
I keep on telling myself over and over again
That your too good for me
I can't help but think this is true
Cause your so perfect
And i'm not even close to being where you are
Cause your right next to me but you seem so far away
Wow, this one was just amazing. I know exactly what you're talking about, man. Is this gonna be a nice acoustic song, cause I can see that easily. Some lines are just genius, like the last line. Sheer brilliance.

Anywho, read the rules, title in the subject line only, no ifs, ands buts or commies about it.
great...awesome job. Yah acoustic would be great.Can't find any thing wrong. Please crit mine
Wow!!! That's pretty good. Yeah I do that alot over the girl I like. Nice work.
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That song is pure genius amazing song there dude that would sound amazing acoustic