ive written alot of guitar stuff for my band, but im curious how u people do it, if u do....
i usually just play random stuff till i get something that sounds good, (a riff) then hear in my head what would go well next, then change it to make it a different rifff, is there better ways?
That sounds like a good way to do it. I usually do it that way, but mostly find myself building a song around 1 riff, wich probaly isnt the best way, but when it works its the best way.
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I just look at other peoples songs, learn them, then when i'm messing around i'll come up with something that sounds simmilar but different and i like.

My method sucks, i'm the most un-creative person ever.
its been said a million times before, but its worth repeating....

learn some theory, not necessarily even a lot but i would recommend learning your scales and what the relative positions of the notes are in the scale so you get a better understanding of how things work.

me personally i play around with whatever scale feels right conveying the feeling i'm trying to present and use a bit of theory here and there to augment the overall tonality....
i know some theory, i took piano till grade 5, and in high school, but im not that good... what kind of theory things should i work on? chords and scales?
fool around till you get something you like.
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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scales like that one guy said if you do it in a set of scales and base it around that everything will be coheesive
One fun thing to do, for rock purposes, is to:

a) Start a major pentatonic, then at some point hit the 5th note (relative minor in the pentatonic) and start a minor pentatonic progression from there.


b) Do the reverse, start on the 2nd note of the minor pentatonic and do a major progression.


use notes C D E G A -> Go to Am pentatonic on any A.
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Thats a great way to make songs Nice and natural, they just click in your head. You can always change them and add things too. I think if you sit down and start writing things out it tends to loose its spontanious appeal.