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what does anyone think of Cheap Trick? Do you like them? hate them? please post your opinions about them.
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cheap trick is amazing. all the guys in the band are equally talented. actually, a guy i know grew up living behind rick neilson. his dad and rick became good friends. rick and his wife would come over and visit with this guys family allthe time.
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i like them
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hey they toured with Aeorsmith...they must be doin somethin right
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Cheap Trick played in the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel in Universal Studios, Orlando Florida a few years back while I was there. It was New Years Eve and it POURED so every outdoor activity was shut down, including Cheap Trick's concert on City Walk. They just came in and set up some acoustic guitars and played a bunch of songs in the lobby. I remember most of it, but it was close to midnight and I was exhuasted so my memory is a little blurry. Cool nonetheless
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Cheap Trick is an amazing band they were a rock group that IMO nobody sounded remotley like at the time, and on top of that they just got better and better as they went.
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catchy, a little more pop-rock but good nonetheless. not my favorite band.

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I like their music for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colberts shows.
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I don't really like them, though.

The only thing that has me intrigued about the band is that beastly thing. I mean, why would you need something like that

And could you imagine how heavy it is? Let alone how difficult it is to play the bottom neck?
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