I got a question about the Koa stratocaster. Is it a good guitar, and like many people say, wood quality usually depends on preference, what is koa good for? I ask because its sexy.
With the Duncans it would probably sound good. And koa I think has a bright sound. So i think it would sound decent. But its a laminated top so who knows. And I doubt youll be able to try it out they are hard to find.
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i played one today at guitar center...... only 700 bucks! it sounded great.... it was nice and easy to play with great sound..... i know its limited and if i had the money i'd buy it.....i'm sad now because it will be gone in a few days and i have no money....but ya the seymour duncans in it sound great
Well, it's pretty.
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^ ya i know.... i just wish i had the money for it..... i have a les paul and dont need it, but it was pretty awesome.... i liked it better than all the gibsons i played today, tone wise
Don't bother with it. It's just a standard strat with a pearloid scratchplate (you can easily buy a new one anyway), basswood body (not very "strat" at all) and a koa veneer (Which won't affect the tone much, if at all).
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