Ive been interested in trying to scallop the neck on my old ltd m50 since its just sitting collecting dust, its kinda my experimentation/project guitar. I was just wondering if there were any good threads or posts on how to scallop a guitar neck, and if not what would be the best route to go on that.
I haven't searched for a how-to but I'd assume a drum sander would be part of the equation.
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try a router drill (dremel) or i also heard that you can wrap sandpaper around pencils
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absinthe5765... thats a really cool guide, i am not even scalloping anything, and i found it interesting. nice find! and i hope that this project goes good. i wanna see a finished project and mabey do one myself!
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I used a dremel. Its really easy, just follow this guide.

yeah that guide is what i used for mine, its good

but id reccomend the threadstarter to use a file like in the guide and not a dremel or other machine device. its very easy (too easy) to go overboard and just anihilate your neck by scalloping too deep or something. once the wood is gone, it aint comin back you dont want to go too far/deep too quickly