Hi, ive been playing for 2-3 months now. and i was at a friends house yesterday and he had a strat. I on the other hand have an Ibanez RX170. and my strings are 12's to 48's i think. i thikn his were the same cause they didnt feel very different from mine.

but anyway, as i was doing a tapping lick I realized that getting the sound out of the guitar is much easier than getting the sound out of my guitar. i was doing some arpeggio's a bit later on the high e string. i was on the 12'th fret hammering and pulling off on the 14th and 15th fret. It was VERY easy to get the sound out. on my guitar it seemed way harder. i dont get it what could possibly be the problem? all help appreciated. oh and the amps we used were:

Mine : Crate GT15

His : Drive C100

and I think my amp is way better than his because his is a drive amp which is pretty low quality in my opinion but whatever.
Did his amp have more gain on or something? Or was the action lower? Both of those could be why its easier.
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Did his amp have more gain on or something? Or was the action lower? Both of those could be why its easier.

mo like i said we both had the same settings both with gain way up
not sure on this but if your strings are lower towards the fretboard or not in the right curving angle it couldmake it harder to get the hammeron and pull off of the string but im not sure so don't asume im right
lower action could help make it easier and strats tend to have taller frets i think
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If everything is like you say, and both your settings on the amps and everything were the same, I'd have to say the pickups, I'm no expert, but thats what I'd have to say.
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i'd say because it's a strat, your state of mind thinks you can play better, my gibson lp made me want to play better and now i do.
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Sustain, action, fret height (normal,jumbo etc), string gauge, and pickups all could contribute to this. Most likely it's the action, fret height, string gauge or a mix of all three.

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It was probably action or possibly the string gauge.

The amp, especially if they had differentt amouts of power could've sounded the same but been different.
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Well. Since these are different amp companys and models. The EQing on it will be different. Just because you had it set up the same, doesnt mean that it was the same. They are different amps. Different sounds..different parts. all that.