do you all think its possible for me to bring my guitar on the plane as a carry on or is that impossible to do? because you al know how the people are at the air ports with lugguage and stuff.
Nope, you'll have to check it in.
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When I went to the philippines earlier this summer i bought a guitar and came home with it as a carry on.

But my friend went to france and he bought a guitar, but it had to be mailed back home.

I think it varies with the airline your using
an email I got through an ensemble I play in....

Delta Airlines Boycott Continues

The AFM continues to call on its members to boycott all travel on Delta Airlines. Despite
the pleas of working musicians and the AFM, Delta continues to prohibit musicians from
placing their instruments in overhead compartments.

The airline's policy is to force musicians to check their instruments into the cargo areas
underneath the planes, where temperature changes and other hazardous conditions can
cause irreparable damage.

To ensure that the boycott is effective on a national level, the AFM is working to enlist the
support of other labor unions, musicians' organizations, and performing arts groups.
These actions are necessary because Delta has consistently shown that it is unwilling to
work with the AFM and those musicians who have chosen to fly on the airline.

"Delta's behavior is unacceptable," says AFM President Thomas Lee. "The airline is
subjecting the musicians' tools of trade to extreme risk, and it knows it. We have tried to
work with the airline on this matter, but it has indicated that it has no interest in finding a
sensible solution. This has left the AFM with no choice but to advise all musicians to
boycott Delta."
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If it's a bolt-on neck then you might be able to just unscrew it and put it in a small-ish duffel bag.

if not then maybe priority/firstclass mail it?
if i did check my guitar on the plane anything could do to try and protect it from getting damaged????