Good for you.
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if you read alot on UG, line6 = nono

but if you think you would like it and, more importantly, use it effectively, go ahead
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its an awesome pedal for metal no doubt about it
its very durable and easy to use
just depends what sorta dist ur lookin for as the dist on the pedal is much better for high gain
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Line 6 uber metal
the entire of ug forums, believe that line 6 is aweful, but dont get ahead of yourself. try it first, me for example LOVED the line 6 112 amp and im orderin one soon, whereas others hate it with passion.
I have that pedal and it's very VERY brutal. It's sky high gain but every single note still rings through. For metal, hardcore, metalcore and anything even harder it's a good pedal.
yeah thats what i wanted it for
thanks guys
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