Ok, this is my first attempt at recording, so it is probably very badly mixed, sorry.

It is an instrumental, mainly guitar solo as I can't sing. I recorded the backing guitar myself and the drums and bass were MIDI generated.


The song is spacial awareness as you know, have a look at the other one if you want but it isn't that good.

I'll be happy to comment on any of your work, thanks, sam
Cool track man. Definately can hear what it will sound like with vocals. Very nice. The only thing I could say to improve on is maybe your timing. And the mixing isn't as bad as most things around here. Good Job man.
Well, being as the bass and drums aren't real, I wont comment on them.

Your solos are pretty good, but you have a couple of odd bends, quite a few off notes, and I think you need to tune your guitar. The very first rhythm thing is pretty awful, it actually hurt my ears (the one paned far right). Most of your rhythms are in some way out of time, as well. The solos, though, they're just fine, and pretty nice for the most part.

It's okay for a first attempt, but the rhythm needs mucho work. And tuning. And the ending is a little weird.

Now that I've made you mad, want to comment on mine? Tickers and Bells
ok - i've redone it again, just click on the same link. this time, hopefully the rhhythm sounds better, probably because I made it much easier to play and i ditched the ear-hurting-far-right rhyth thing. .

The solo i did again as it was only improvisation, its on about the same par as the other one.
I've worked out that the higher frets of my guiatar are out of tune :S which is why my guiatar sounded out.
This is cool, it kinda sounds out of tune and you're timing is a bit off at some rythm parts, some of your bends have been outbend lol but great for the first attempt, it would of took me alot more attemps
Ah, now this is soooo much better. The solos are very Sabbath. The rhythms still get off here or there, but this is such an amazing improvement over the first attempt I can pretty much overlook it. You really made this one a helluva lot better. Good Job
pretty cool track, at first i thought it was just going to be a bunch of rhythm, but when the solo kept going, i was pleased. Like veryone said, the rhythm is off timing at parts, and the intro has a bit timing issues. Pretty good mixing, cept the lead could be a little louder, good mixing with the drums and rhythm guitar though. Cool riffing too, and not too bad soloing.

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors