i currently have a fender fat strat. im very happy with it, but it doesnt quite cut it for metal, and stuff like that.

any suggestions? im looking at jacksons.

maybe this? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Jackson-DXMB-X-Electric-Guitar?sku=512239

p.s the most i can spend is 650
DXMG's are over $500 now?,,,,holy crap,,,,,I got mine for $300 new. Its not a bad guitar,,,but you can definently do better for $540.

EDIT: Course, I guess I did get mine 5 years ago,,,and then the distribution rights were sold to Fender,,,at which point their prices went up pretty fast.
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floyd's can be kind of annoying if you jump around tunings since it takes awhile to change tunings.

maybe..... an Epiphone Les Paul Custom? or an ESP of some sort?
definatly go with teh ESP MH-400. it plays amazing for teh price and it comes stock with emg 81/85