I was looking at dave grohls (foo fighters) stage setup on guitargeek and apperantly he uses his white SG standard for drop A tuning

why doesnt he just use a 7 string? is there a difference between drop A on a 7 string and on a 6 string?
im guessing that he just likes the tone of that certain guitar downtuned, there are a very limited number of 7 string guitars out there so you dont really have that wide of a varietion in tone.
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bit harsh to flame?
some people dont like the feel of 7 strings

same with basses. ( i use a 6 stringer, some people dont like em )
well easy answer. HE DOESNT USE A SEVEN STRING. seven strings a beadgbe. Six strings are eadgbe. So basically it wouldnt matter if he just dropped a tuned it on either one, same **** basically, but he doesnt use a seven string.
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smaller neck i guess, i've played a 7 string before, and at the same time i had my 6 string guitar i always use down in that tuning, much easier to play on the 6 string.
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