hey not played for a while - beginner anyway

fret hand hurting after playing not fingers its my wrist

didnt notice it when playing but at end of 'City of Angels' by The Distillers when i took my hand off the neck my wrist is killing and a bit around where thumb connects to hand

is there any good way of strengthening this or just playing?

thanks a lot
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Ive never had that happen. Ive been playing for five months and the only thing that hurts now is when im soloing for a long time. I dont remember ever having a pain in that area. In my wrist yeah, mine lock up some times, but i cant help you there bud.
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Yeah I get that every once in a while, just kinda shake it off and take like a 10 minute break. As your wrist gets stronger this should stop happening, that or you are holding your guitar the wrong way.
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don't play the same kind of thing over and over . ( i.e. barre chords , scales , licks with big stretches )

vary your practice routine.

make sure your hand position is correct , is your thumb behind the neck ? ( it should be )

you shouldn't have to apply alot of pressure with the left hand while playing.

make sure you warm up , don't start out playing your most difficult material , work up to it.
^If you don't practice the same kind of thing over and over it will kill you when you have to do the same thing over and over live.

Take a break when you have pain or just shake it off but you have to practice to gain endurance in your fingers, wrist and arm.
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try warming up your wrist by rotating it a bit before playing
I used to have this problem, my wrist would kill after playing and I just practised scales and warming up my wrist and it went after a while
I believe there is a lot of misunderstanding of the hand strength you really need
to play a lot of stuff on the guitar -- particularly the less demanding types of things
a beginner would be working on.

Since your hand is very unfamiliar with playing, you will have a lot of excess tension
and inefficieny in your playing. This will make it seem like you need a lot of strength
to do things, but in reality its more of a skill problem than a strength problem.

When you are relaxed and efficient in your playing, it takes suprisingly little strength
toi play a lot of the things you thought took a lot.
well mixed response lol

yeah am holdin it properly

an i guess i'm not a beginner i have been playing for a while but more jus learn songs than structured lessons and kind of at beginner standard

but thanks for all ur comments, been useful
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Quote by shell145
an i guess i'm not a beginner i have been playing for a while ...

Yeah, well that doesn't really matter. If you've been playing with a lot of excess
tension for a while, you're just used to it now and perhaps its just an ingrained
bad habit at this point. You may think you're really relaxed and deny having
the tension, but the fact that your wrist hurts is a sure sign you got some.
ALOT of practising would help this and i knwo it hurts real bad when you first start. Good luck with that!!
Danielle xx