Alright everyone, wont hold yez up too long just a quick question type thing

Im the lead guitarist in an Irish band called Silence of the Yams....our debut EP is out on the 18th of August in Ireland and i was just wonderin if anyone had the time to take a listen to the songs and let me know what ya think...ie would it go down well in your area, city, country??? and also of course critisism(spel?/) is welcome

thanks everyone

Peace and Love

Silence of the Yams

Songs at www.myspace.com/silenceoftheyams

oh and if ya like the tunes feel free to add us, drop a comment, rate the songs etc etc etc
Really good work, I like it
.......Beats most of the **** that's usually posted in this forum, well done!

Cry Baby is a really good song, the structure of it is great..really proffesional.
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Its not to my taste, but im from Bray so I wish you the best.
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i love it. really liked the first song. everything fits together really well.