Muffi-Jo was a Swedish Girl
Mufffi-Jo was the sweetest girl
That I'd ever met
Muffi-Jo was the neatest girl
And Muffi-Jo was a diabetes girl
Did I love her? You bet.

Verse 1
I met her at a gas station
She was getting gas
One look into her eyes
And I knew my love would last


Verse 2
I was on a date with Muffi-Jo
But her levels were getting low
I went back to get her insulin
And thats when she fell in
It was our very first date
She fell into the lake
Not saving her is my biggest regret
But I couldn't let my blue suede shoes get wet.


Last night I was reading a list of things to do and one was write a screenplay abou a diabetic swedish girl that couldn't swim. So I changed screenplay to song, looked up an unusual name to use and a song was born.I'm still noodling with it though because it has like no flow at all. I'm one half of The WOODnotes so when it is completed we'll repost it on the WOODnotes account. Peace.
Of course she died, otherwise the fact that she couldn't swim would be irrevelent to the story. And think about it, blue suede shoes or swedish girl, seems like an obvious choice to me.
Couldn't you take off the shoes? I guess that's in the past now though.
Wow, you and WOODnotes completly own at creating the most fantastically dumbass lyrics ever. Are you going to put this to some acoustic that is strummed like an idiot have you two singing like retards? Cause that would be great. You guys rock!

Please feel free to crit any of the songs in my sig if you have not done so already.
OK...that has to be

The WEIRDEST thing ever

but it frickin ROCKS!

its so random though...the thread title made me laugh.
Actually we play our songs seriously, but I think that might make it even funnier, but I don't know. By the way I write most of the WOODnote songs, Mace just helps me polish them.