im thinking about getting a 7 string guitar but i dont know what kind to get the absolute most i can spend is probably 5 or 6 hundred but hopefully i can find one for about 300 any suggestions?
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thread starter, do you want good fret access? cuz the ax is a good guitar, i own a 6 string version and its kinda hard to get to the 22 fret.


i'd look into the Schecter Elite 007 or C7 Blackjack. if you want a new tremelo-less guitar.

http://www.music123.com/music123/Schecter-Omen-7-i116234.music - Omen 7

http://www.music123.com/music123/Schecter-Damien-7-i157399.music - Damien 7

http://www.music123.com/music123/Ibanez-RG7321-i27059.music - RG7321

if you want a 7 string with a good tremelo system, you'll prolly have to ebay for one. search for an Ibanez RG1527 or any seven string with one of the good trems (not Lo-TRS 7).

or theres carvin, but its just out of your price range.


hope that helps you.
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