ive been playing guitar for about a year now, self-taught with help from friends, and the time has come for me to buy a better guitar. i play mostly classic rock but ive been wanting to learn more blues and blues rock music lately. i want to get a fender, one of the standard strats, but i cant decide between the normal three single coil pickup combination and the HSS, including the humbucker. theyre the same price so its even more difficult. if anyone who has played both, or who knows both, could compare them and explain how radical the difference is it would be greatly appreciated.
I've played both. And the standered with singles would be great for both classic rock and blues/bluesrock. Its more a matter of amp.
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well, I've played both, and i have strat thats s/s/s( three single coils) If you are into more blues, and blues rock i'd suggest the s/s/s. The humbucker its more of a thicker tone, more for rocking than blues. I'd also suggest getting a fender amp, for blues.
go with SSS, you can always change your pickups if you want a higher output down the road.
what amp do you have?
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the bad news is that i also need a new amp... i bought a beginners epiphone les paul at guitar center and it came with probably the cheapest 10 watt amp you can buy i usually use my buddies 60 watt dean markley
go for a 70s strat i have one i play classic rock/blues works great
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if u want 2 play blues get the s/s/s. if u want to play blues and rock get the h/s/s.
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i'm going to have to dissagree with several people in this thread. strat with s/s/s can achieve very good sounds for metal and hard rock - just look at iron maiden for an example. all three guitarists for iron maiden use stratocasters and they do mostly heavy distortion. although, all depends on what you prefer. maybe you like the h/s/s or maybe you like the s/s/s, it's you who's buying it, not us
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as long as you the humbucker is in the bridge posistion. Dont kill the single coil in the neck or the neck and middle position by putting a humbucker
I'm of the opinion that a strat should sound like a strat, so go with 3 singles. If you want a humbucker later you could opt for a stacked single.
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^ A stacked single does not sound like a humbucker.
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