So, simply put, I want to change the annoying 3.5mm headphone jack type thing to a regular 2.1mm barrel type jack on my Small Clone. Is it possible? Cause at the moment I'm using one EH power supply with that, and daisy chaining my other pedals with a different supply. But I want to put the Small Clone in the chain too, so can I change the jack? I know I can get adapters for my daisy chain, but changing the jack will look a lot neater.
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purchase a 2.1mm barrel (Isn't 2.1mm smaller than 3.5mm? [/stupid non-metricness]) from Mouser or Smallbear and just unsolder the original jack and replace it with the new jack. I believe it's that easy, and I'll try to find the proper component.
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Well, what I've done a few times with my Small Clone is get an adaptor thing that clips onto that battery thingy (2 holes) and then you can use it with your daisy chain.
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you should be able to swap the jack, unless it's mounted on the pcb, then you might have fitting issues
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^thanks. For now, I've got one of those 2.1mm barrel to 3.5mm plug converters from Diago. I'll use that untill I get round to fidding with the jack.
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Yeah, I was wondering that myself. After I move, I'll change mine around, see how it works. I've got the right jack lying around, anyway
Just replace the jack, easy.
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