I heard the scale to start out on the bass guitar is the major scale, but I can't find it. Can some one post a link to it please.

Could you post a direct link please? I usually get about five different versions of the major scale when I search it, so could you show me which one I shoud learn for starting out.

Sorry to sound pushy.
Taken from the first link off the google search:

|--A--|-----|--B--|--C--| -1st string
|-----|--[color="Red"]G[/COLOR]--|-----|--A--| -4th string 

The red is the root note. Root notes are where the major scale starts.

The major scale is composed of the following: whole step, whole step, half step, whole, whole step, whole step, half step. It can be remembered by this easy saying "Waffle, Waffle house, Waffle, Waffle, Waffle house". Its one of those things you learn when you are little and taking your first or second lesson

A whole step is a 2 fret move, and a half fret is a 1 fret move. Each pitch is a "step".

You should read through this first. http://www.cyberfretbass.com/scales/basic/index.php

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3rd and to make a lets say C-Major scale it's the same pattern on starting on the 8th frett. I remend earning all the notes on your fret bord.

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^Whichever one you want... the example he posted would the G Major scale.

That's how I play it, although it can be played any way you want to. I find that it is easier to get around the neck because your fingers are already on the notes if you use the one finger per fret method.

Each number on this diagram shows which finger to use. 1 is your pointer finger, and 4 is your pinky. The red is the root note, where the scale starts. Remember: This is not a tab. Where it says 4th string is the E string, and the 1st string is the G string.

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