Sounds pretty good! You have decent chops, but it's a bit too random imo. It has a lack of structure. Also, your tone isn't warm enough when compared to the rest.

Overall, indeed a nice job!

If you happen to have spare time https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=406255
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sounds cool, some of the little licks were quite catchy and made you feel the emotions. It could have been a little better timing wise, and would be a lot better if you had some better emphasised connecting notes to tie it all together and make it flow smoothly, maybe some ghost notes as well. The piano i feel, really added to it.

nice job!

could you crit my 2 short songs (30s or so a piece) the first is a rock riff and solo, and the second is a sad bluesy tune as well. tell me what you think in this thread.


Thank You!
Thanks guys, ill critic your's guys to

LEAFSskills where do i crit yours?
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Leafskill, your tone seemed like there was a bit to much trebble and scratchy, but i really liked some of your blues licks, good stuff it was great ( minus the tone) get a better tone.
And jack ill check out yours
leafskillsens, not some bad ideas, couldnt figure out what type of backing track you were playing though, didn't really go w/the solo/licks. I suggest though starting a new thread for your own music
it wasnt a backing track that i was playing to really, just a riff i wrote a while ago and decided to play over.
the phrases weren't very well thought out

good licks sometimes though
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sounds good. it reminds me of carlos santana, ita all good. i noticed a couple of bends didnt sound perfect but thats probably just me. it works tho. i know what that guy means about the pink floyd sound. it reminds me of something off of wish you were here.

its really great stuff tho.

if you wanna crit my stuff go to https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=406372

or any othe stuff is on: http://slouchinoutfit.dmusic.com/

or the link in my sig.

keep up the great work,
Quote by gtgram14
I wasn't a huge fan of the tone, and I heard no harmonic minor in there. You have chops just work on the phrasing a little better.

What's phrasing ?
I thought the tone was sufficent, but it sounded a bit far-away. It wasnt reverb or delay, but the guitar still didnt sound one with the backing instruments. I'm just nitpicking at the recording quality, which was still quite decent.

You mixed up your licks pretty well, and the pinch harmonics here and there were a nice touch.
Great job, maybe slow down your vibrato a bit for added emotion.
Check out mine?
^alright thanks, wow great stuff garden, i posted in your thread, btw everyone, I suck really badly with tone, i swear im tone def.
It was good, some of the bends were off in the beginning... but the rest of the soloing was pretty intense besides that fact. I actually liked the tone despite some others' comments. I do agree though on some of the phrasing, but I didn't notice it until i read above. Pretty well done. thanks for the crit also.
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Damn... this was REALLY well put together. Everything from the bass and the drums and piano to the flawless guitar. The tone is perfect. I can totally see some nice blues vocals being put over this. Seriously, thats all you really need for this song like wow.

crit mine please?

wow man^ wasnt really expecting that, i really suck with my tone choice haha but thank you very much. Btw ill check out yours.
i really like that i think it has a really good feel reminds me of mix of Santana and pink floyd i think you should use something though to make the panio stand out alittle more beside that its really good
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Have you ever heard of Gary Hoey?

You play A LOT like him.

Good news is, he rocks, and so do you.

Brilliant soloing.

And nice tone BUT not for this song, not warm enough for the track.

Also turn your guitar down and the track up.

But overall, VERY impressive soloing.
^wow thank you, im not very good with tones haha, and does Gary Hoey play in a band? because I wanna look him up, thanks for the crit and comments man, i appreciate it.
Oh ****... loving the backing. Where did ya get it? Your tone is sweet. In overall, your playing is quite good. Allthough, I'd loved to hear some slower licks in the beginning and some of the bends were off key. Mixing-wise, I think the guitar is too loud. Nice jam dude, work on the phrasing though.

PM me where you got that backing would you?
Very nice! I agree that the tone needs to be warmer but it's still aweseome!

P.S. Sarnia!