That is the generall idea of what I am making, but with some diferences!

(Edit: sterio pot @ 100K )

This is what I hae made so far.

My main problem so far is the caps.(I am using 10uF Caps currently) I have to pick my Bass pretty strong to get it to work. But I think modifying the values will fix this problem!
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Your problem with sound is with the transistors. Try different ones. i think that uses NPN Silicon transistors. Just experiment with different ones. Make sure you put the right pinout in the right places though. and put sockets so you can experiment.
2n5088 should be fine i think, generally high gain applications i think? (do tell me if im wrong 1800 (i still dont know your name ))
I just gotta say, I love then name.
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did you play around with transistors and get a good sound yet? and, yes add the switch for power. You need a diagram for that?

Well anyway, heres a diagram:
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i dont really think it makes a lot of difference, other than the pedal will cost you more to build, i could be wrong though.

Actually, you may need the transformer if your using a processor before it