Has anyone heard of these guitars? They look dead on like a gibson j45, but i think they are handcrafted. Greg Graffin plays on his cold as clay album.
Sure have! Matter of fact, I was in the shop yesterday. Jubals were first made over 30 years ago by Aaron Cowles. He passed away a couple years ago, but the name lives on in the instruments made by Aaron's former apprentice, Ed Miller, and Aaron's son, Steve. The shop is located in Vicksburg, MI, at113 S.Main, Vicksburg, MI 49097 (269) 649-3929.
They hand craft guitars in the style of Gibsons of the 30s-40's, plus repair just about any guitar (Ed is also a certified Fender repair man, as well, for example.) The work is beautiful, IMHO. (And, no, I'm not a paid spokesman. LOL)
Reason I added the contact info is many assumed that Aaron's Music Service, the home of Jubal guitars, closed when Aaron died. Nope, still kicking! Look them up, give them a call, beck, drop by. These guys are personable, and highly knowledgeable. They have a website, and a Facebook page, also.