I just picked up my acoustic to vent and this is what came out
ive never wrote a song before, and this is most possibly the most emo thing i could have though up

Its probally not a very good song because it was a first attempt

wake up at seven and a quarter past nine
hear the phone ringing, hear the bell chime
its you ive been waiting for all this long time
and im ready to try again

I have no fear of pain, no fear of regret
nothing to lose but to scared to place my bet
id never leave if i had a choice
but the one thing that calls me is your sweet voice

id do anything for you and you know that, you exploit that
you bleed me and heal me in the same breath
you tell me you love me you hug me
say everythings alright
but deep down you know how i feel

i wish id had never met you
at least then i wouldnt regret you

why cant i just forget you

Your the biggest tease ive ever met
you say im your best friend
the coolest guy you ever met
then why do you have a boyfriend i cant ****en stand
Hes not even half of a real man

I need to lash out
I need to keep my cool
I cant keep this up
Im going to break loose

I just want to forget you
i wish id never met you

i know its bad and emo but tell me what you think anyway because id eventually like to start writing some real acoustic songs not just things out of anger
Learn to not force you rhymes so much for starters. I've seen a lot worse forcing in songs around here but it makes the listener take you more seriously. Better than my first song though, so just keep working at it.