pardon my ignorance and perhaps the life i have led under a rock.. but what exactly makes a 'cover' song a 'cover'? or more simply.. how do you know a song is a pink floyd 'cover' or just a pink floyd song?
If a band plays a song that another band has written and released, then it is a cover, the song may have been done in a different genre with differnet keys and scales, but it's still the same song.
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if pink floyd wrote it and copyrighted it, but someone else performs it or records it...

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A Pink Floyd song is by Pink Floyd, a Pink Floyd "cover" is someone doing a version of Pink Floyd's song.
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lol love how every example is pink floyd

edit: just to be cool and go against the crowd. Bob Dylan released "Like a Rolling Stone." Jimi Hendrix was greatly influenced by Bob Dylan, and decided to release a cover of Bob's "Like A Rolling Stone". It's a cover, even though the two don't really sound anything alike.
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