this song didn't take me that long to write it's pretty good in my opinion

verse 1
Times have changed
I'm moving on and all this pain is coming with me
Noone cares
Everyone lies
I know it's the truth but why can't this just be a dream of mine
If so I want to wake up
This nightmare has gone on way too long!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verse 2
For once i finally understand why this world is so bad
People killing others just for kicks and laughs
Bombs that can destroy half the earth
Wars fought just to prove we're stronger
And the only bad thing about it is that there's nothing you can do

Let me wake up
I don't care about anyone i met in this dream
Just wake me up
Even if it means I'll forget everyone I Love

All these things are driving me crazy
I don't know if i can take anymore
Please someone wake me up
Even if it means I'll forget everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!