Me and my friends just brain stormed this and took turns writing thoughts down plz read the whole thing it's alot but plz

Only you can make me feel so much more
So much more than me
They say that love is blind but with out you i can't see
All these things that i must say
But your going in a different way
I think it's time for me to say it
Time for me to say "I Love You"
With words stuck in my head
The only thing that makes me happy is seeing you smiling........
I would love to go to sleep at night to see you right by my side
Wake up every morining to be the first person i see
and i don't know how you see me
but i'd like you to know
"I would do anything for you"
My dreams are the closest thing to you that i have
But making them real would mean the world to me...
and i know it cuase
everyday i see you
I just can help but smile
Right now your the only person that i ever truly love
and right now your the only person who means everything to me
but my mind wants me to give up on you but my heart still holds on
I know i'm not the only person that loves you
but i'm the only one who would die for you
and it gets harder each day to see you go off with someone who's such a jerk
someone who just can't see how beautiful you are
all i'm asking is for you to let me love you
You don't even have to love me back
Just know that i'll always be waiting for you
But sometimes it hurts me inside to know that i may never get to share
share my love with you
And then i think again at least i'm still your friend
and that's all i'm asking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But remember that i'm waiting here forever for you