what kind of paints and stuff should I use to make it look professional, how many coats, any and all information i need to know. I would really appreciate it.
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Good luck, we'll be glad to help if you need it.
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I read several articles on it in guitar world. If you want you can check it out in the i believe july august october september and upcoming november one or it may be a month back from those. Basically all you want to do is first take out the electronics vial the back panel and if you can take off your neck. Then if its already been painted once its a lot easier. For a single color just paint it with two coats and then finish it with gloss. For a custom job take paper and trace your guitar and draw it out. Now make as many copies of this as their are colors. Cut out the zone for each color. One color per copy. Now do the base color first. Like the backround or what you want the whole rest of the guitar to be. Then lay each sheet on one and a time after cutting it out to fit your body. Paint each over the paper covering the wholes. for this you only need to do one coat. Then begin to do each layer of color. Be sure they line up carefully. You have to let each layer dry first before beggining the second one. If you want a spongey or more detailed design and want to take your hand at drawing you could use fine tipped paint brusesh or paint sponges. To do this on a brand new body that is just the wood and has never been painted before all you have to do is prime the wood first then proceed as you would with the other kind of guitar. Speaking of paint, any spray paint will do. To finish it coat it with gloss maybe two coats. Judge it by eye. also check out www.paintyourownguitar.com they have a book there you can buy. its excellent but their technique is a little different than mine. pm me with any questions.
thanks everybody for the help. I appreciate it. I have to rebuild a guitar for my senior project at school so this helps a lot.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

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...Speaking of paint, any spray paint will do...

True. However, you want to try and avoid paints that have a slightly sticky surface to them. Enamels are such paints, which are common in spray cans. Lacquer is a much better type of paint, as it hardens harder. You'll find lacquer in auto spray cans, like Dupli color. Always check the label before you buy. In fact, spraying guitars is very much like spraying a car. The only difference is the material you start out with. Wood needs to have its grain filled first, before priming.


^ That website is sort of like a bible.