well the two are somewhat similar. But not quite. I've played the ibanez at guitar center. its pretty sweet. and My friend has that exact Jackson. It's ok. I personally think the pick ups on the jackson get annoying, I would say the Ibanez is your better bet. But both are above decent.
the jackson casue its got better pickups and i dont know nice archtop, and if u do get it then get it in the cobalt swirl...........mmmmmmm
Ibanez all the way, they are much more reliable and feel much better to play too. Plus they sound far better seen as they have dimarzios in. I love that model in particular.
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ibanez... the dinkys arent great
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bottom line is both are $749 but the Ibanez gives you the top notch trem vs. the better pickups in teh dinky and its way easier to change the pups on the RG than the trem on the dinky.
ok thanks for all the info guys. its pretty much what i wanted to hear as i was leaning towards the Ibanez
many online articles to show you how but a decent store should charge between $20 and 25 to change pups. But give it a listen thru a good tube amp and the stock Ibanez pups are probably adequate for your music/ear
Trem on dinky is a direct swap for an OFR. BTW: According to some people the 06 model of dinkys have better trem than before because they use better materials now. Just in case the trem still sucks, you can pretty much just consider it yourself by caculating the price of the pups you want to change in 1570 and the installation cost vs the OFR price + the installation cost.

BTW: You get a free hardshell case from 1570 where as cheap ass jacksons wont give you anything more than allen wrenches and that tuner spinner or w/e that is.
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I have the 2005 Jackson Dinky and the Ibanez will probably play better... the Jackson's neck is a little bit thicker.
Ibanez FTW, the jacksons trem sucks.... Ibanez V pickups sound great, only lacking a little power. Tonally good imo.
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