Firstly, I'm either upgrading my amp to a Peavey (5150 or XXX), or some sort of Mesa (possibly a used Mark IV). I was then planning on upgrading my pickups in my mahogany bodied Schecter blackjack, which is string thru. I was thinking of possibly an EMG 81/85 or 81/60 combo. The other thing is that I'm gettting into soloing now, especially metal (Slayer, Metallica, Pantera), however my current guitar is string thru. I was thinking of buying a whammy pedal and was wondering if this would be able to emulate the sound of using a whammy bar, the other option I was thinking was installing a trem on my guitar, I know slayer uses Kahler trems which are supposed to be easier to install in a non trem guitar, however they are quite expensive. Which combination of pickups and amp would be best? And what should I do about the trem situation? Thanks.
get the emg 81/85 they are awesome in mahogany guitars. I have only played the xxx but it had very good tone and crazy amounts of gain. I dont know about the trem. Kahler has trems for guitars with bolt on but i dont know about string thru.
I don't think it's possible to change the bridge on a string thru. If it is, I've never seen it done before. I have an EMG 81/85 I like them. Not much wrong with them. The 60 has better cleans the then 85, but I like the lead tone the 85 gets. Also, the cleans aren't as bad as everyone says. If you're looking for an alternative you could check out Bareknuckle. Pricey, but worth it.
well you have to route out part of the guitar for the bridge, if the holes for strings land within that route you should be fine... i would think
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Would it end up being less hassle and less money to just get a good quality guitar with an OFR and EMG's then?

Well if you love your guitar alot or if you know what you are doing..or if you hate your guitar alot.